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Because if you don't, who will? There are innumerable reasons to Buy Black. Some are quite obvious. Yes, we want to grow and help build successful businesses within our communities, but we also want to exercise control over our trillion dollar spending power. I am learning from the Africans in my Central Harlem neighborhood. For more than ten years, I have observed how their dollars rarely leave their own establishments. And most of those dollars, spent and earned, are returned to Africa to sustain families and fortify communities there. The dedication to this - also seen within many other cultural groups - is admirable. With nearly 100% of each dollar the African American earns almost immediately leaving our communities, we are the only group that does not seem to see the value in this practice. While we certainly will not be able to purchase every single good and service from a Black-owned business, we can start with the notion that buying Black is an executable reality: A reality that begins with simply knowing where to go for the things you need. At least for New Yorkers, we can start right here....on BuyBlackNY.com.

We believe that more of us would support our own if we knew where to go. The Directory is the heart of BuyBlackNY.com: We want our visitors to be able to find you. We are currently working with colleges in all five boroughs to identify and present Black businesses and services as part of our comprehensive and user-friendly New York Black Business Guide. Our teams are on a mission to leave no stone unturned, as this data is so incredibly important, at this juncture in history and economy. There was a time when we were required to support our own and as a result, we built strong, self-sustaining communities across America. Many of our communities are presently crumbling, some being swept (and purchased) away beneath our feet. We can only start where we are to rebuild our foundations. And, one simple way to start the healing is by supporting our own businesses. Again, if we don't, who will?

For $25 per year, your Directory listing will be searchable by business type, borough, location, and any combination of tags. It will additionally include a link to your website, if applicable. No type of business is too big or too small to be listed here - we want to catch all and ensure that each of us, if we desire, has the ability to locate just about anything within our own communities. We look forward to getting started with you

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We are proud of you and we want to show you off! Through interviews, feature articles, and video, this site will regularly highlght New York area Black-owned businesses, owners, and entrepreneurs. We want to celebrate your accomplishments, share your stories, and provide insights into your success. In doing so, BuyBlackNY.com aims not only to inspire fledgling and would-be owners, but also to get our visitors excited about supporting and spending their dollars with YOU!

Our belief is that to know you is to love you, and by getting to know each other better - as service providers and consumers - we develop a greater sense of mutual responsibility that makes us want to give one another our bests.


Affordable options are available for banner and video ads on the BuyBlackNY.com home page and throughout the site. In addition to your company's listing in the Directory, your eye-catching, image-based ad will help you to reach thousands of new customers each month. Ads work - if they didn't they would have ceased to exist many moons ago. Advertising your business is important and helps us to provide this service. Contact us for our special inaugural ad rates. Design your own, or allow us to help you. Our team is on hand to develop the first 10 ads for FREE!

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BuyBlackNY.com is currently under development. The Directory will begin rolling out June 2015. Please contact us @ 347.339.9812 or info.at.omomisha.com for additonal information or to learn about our ad rates and services. © 2015 Omo Misha Creative Services, NYC. All rights reserved.